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Leza Dumansky

Downtown Akron Municipal Building
Leza Dumansky


Leza Dumansky is a paralegal with Gardner Law who prides herself on her ability to help injured workers in Ohio overcome the many obstacles that confront them. Since forming a business partnership with Jim Gardner in 1997, she has played an important role in Gardner Law’s ability to help their clients recover from their injuries and return to the life they led before getting hurt.

Leza works hard to help clients stay motivated to return to work in some capacity and to stay positive through their treatments. Work injuries are never expected and always change the injured workers’ lives in either large or small ways. Nonetheless, this change is quite emotional for most, and Leza does her best to keep communication regarding updates and outcomes as the first priority for their clients.

She works alongside many of the physicians' teams to get the necessary forms completed and medical support requests to ensure authorization of conditions and treatment for their clients. Along with Attorney Gardner, Leza defends their clients' best interests in negotiating resolutions to their client's claims. She has helped tens of thousands of injured workers recover and return to work.

Leza is a graduate of the University of Akron, and in her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, visiting the area's metro parks, and traveling with her children and family.

Let’s Work Together

1653 Merriman 

Suite 108

Akron, Oh.  44313

Tel: 330 535 5757

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